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Implant Supported Bridges (Fixed)

In cases there are multiple (>=3) teeth missing, common treatment options in order to maintain the appearance and to restore the function include removable partial denture, a long-span fixed bridge or implant supported bridge. Among these three options, removal partial denture can be bulky and uncomfortable and needs multiple adjustments and relines. Traditional fixed bridge supported by your natural teeth requires trimming of your adjacent teeth which will compromise the health of surrounding teeth and increase the risk of decay. And due to multiple teeth missing and the long span of the gap, your natural supporting teeth need to be  strong and healthy enough to provide adequate support. As a result, a traditional fixed bridge might not always be the best solution and an implant-supported bridge can be a more conservative and suitable treatment option. This is especially the case where natural teeth are no longer present or are not healthy or strong enough to support a long-span bridge.


Benefits of Implant Supported Bridges

Implant prevent bone loss in the Jaw

Implants fuse to the living bone cells of the jaw and stimulate the jawbone, helping it maintain its density. This also prevents shrinkage of the jawbone.

Implants help to strengthen the remaining natural teeth

Using implants as anchors, the adjacent natural teeth can be preserved and remain fully intact. Dental implants may further protect your natural teeth by spreading the forces created during biting and chewing.

Implants restore your smile

An implant-supported bridge will fully restore your smile, providing the perfect amount of support for your cheeks and lips and restoring your facial dimensions, which keeps you looking younger.

Superior Strength and Stability

Implant-supported bridge restore your normal eating, talking, and smiling without worrying about your dental prosthetic becoming loose or falling out.


Implant-supported bridge is a treatment option that is often less expensive than replacing every missing tooth with an implant.

Process of Implant Supported Bridge

The first step is placing the implants into the jawbone. This step is vital as the dental implants must be optimally inserted at exactly the right angle and locations to ensure proper fitting of bridge later for perfect results. Over a period of three to six months, the implants fused into the jawbone to provide a solid anchor for the bridge. A flipper may be placed over this area to maintain appearance until the permanent bridge is placed.

The next step is to taking impression for the abutment selection and implant bridge fabrication.

Finally, customized made abutments and implant bridge are then fixed to the implants. Once the bridge is in place, it will blend into the rest of your smile for seamless treatment and full functionality.



Why choosing us?


Dr. Liu and Dr. Sun are certified specialists in Implantology and Prosthodontics. At Spring Premier Dental, we can provide you with the highest quality care that meets your needs from start to finish. You do not have to see specialists in different locations, which will save you time and money. 


One Cost

In most of circumstances, it was difficult to know the full price of dental implant procedures. Different specialists had different fees that would add up at each stage in the process. Since all the involved surgical/restorative procedures are preformed on site, we are able to give a specific price for the entire procedures. There are no surprise fees and no hidden costs. After your consultation and examination, you will know exactly how much the entire treatment will cost.


One location

Traditionally, dental implants require several visits to different specialists in different dental offices. We have combined all of the necessary elements for successful dental implant treatment in a single location. Your consultation/examination, the entire procedures and recovery are all housed in a single office.

Guaranteed results

In Spring Premier Dental, we set our standard high and we have complete confidence in the high-quality of our dental implants treatments which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all implants and implant restorations.

A beautiful smile can do wonders for your confidence. We’d be happy to discuss with you whether implants are right for you. Please contact our office to arrange a visit.

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